Oesophageal manometry is a test performed as an outpatient for patient with symptoms of  difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), pain when swallowing (odynophagia), heartburn (reflux), chest pain (when cardiac causes have been ruled out).

The test involves placing a small flexible tube into your nose and into your oesophagus for around 20 minutes while the test is completed.

The day of the test you do not eat for 6 hours before the test.

During the test you will have to drink some water and bread to assess how well the muscles of your oesophagus are working and whether your lower oesophageal sphincter is working correctly.

The results from the test are then interpreted and a decision made as to what the next step in your treatment is. Oesophageal manometry is often performed with a series of other investigations.

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